DS-51 HST in stock!

93mm & 51sq/cm FSA


- 1100kV version for 8s in stock

- 950kV version for 10s-12s is special order only


NOTE: The new Schubeler DS HST series is a fan/motor integral combo. The motor is built in as one piece with the unit.

As such, there is no "extra cost" or added confusion of picking the correct motor.

Technical data DS-51-DIA HST 4640-950 

Inner shroud diameter:93mm
Fan swept area: 51 cm²
Weight incl. motor, wired, connectors, Secure Fan Fix: 540g (19.25oz) 
Thrust range: 50 N
Exhaust speed range: 75-90 m/s (168-201 mph) 
RPM range: 32,000 rpm
Input power: 3.35 KW
Allowed battery: 10 - 12S - 4,000 mAh Max
Overall efficiency: 67 ~ 70 %


DS-51-DIA HST with DSM4640-950 - 50 N/11 lbs thrust - 10 ~ 12S